Since the first songbird flew onto the design landscape in 2012, Kay Bojesen's feathered wooden figures have grown into a varied flock. The colourful songbirds are often named after Kay Bojesen's own family, and now a relative with a particularly noble pedigree has just landed. The new springtime arrival of Georg, with a silver-plated beak and feet, pays tribute to Kay Bojesen's background as a trained silversmith with legendary Georg Jensen – its emerald green splendour perfectly hitting the maximalist trend, where jewel tones, velvet, flowers and plants turn the home into a personal oasis.

Kay Bojesen is known as Danish Design's ultimate “wood man” – as well as for his colourful personality, which meant he took design form and philosophy seriously, but never too formally. Until the early 1930s, however, he had precious metal in his blood. He originally trained as silversmith with Georg Jensen, describing himself as a silver- and woodsmith throughout his career.

From the start, a light-hearted mood and sense of humour were special features of Kay Bojesen's design, regardless of material. He used silver as part of everyday design and consistently combined high quality with a feeling of joy. With that mantra in mind, Kay Bojesen Denmark now releases the silver bird Georg into the world of design.

Like his companions, Georg is made of painted beech wood with soft, green lines that make a tactile surface on point with today’s colour trends. The sparkling silver details on the beak and feet make this spring's new songbird an ideal gift for graduations, weddings and other special occasions that are traditionally marked with a piece of jewellery to last a lifetime. Songbird Georg in painted beech with silver plating (Height 6.3") is priced at $100 and will be available from the beginning of March, 2019. See the Songbird Georg and the entire Kay Bojesen collection HERE.