Bring Nature Inside

Norbode Kahler Hammershoi Birch Vases

In fall 2019, Kähler is introducing a new, colored glaze, Birch, for vases and candle holders in the classic, but modern Hammershoi series. The new, understated color inspired by the beautiful delicate tones from Nordic birch forests allows a natural atmosphere to capture today’s interior design trends.

The elegant, Nordic style perfectly matches the new neutrals that characterize the season. 

The new color tone, which creates both calmness and warmth, combined with the modern style of the Hammershoi vases and candle holders, brings a perfect mix of classic and modern, while adding a personal touch to any home.  Furthermore, the color brings today’s botanical trends into the home in an entirely new way, as the beautiful interplay of changing colors in the surface glaze resembles the natural palette of birch tree bark. The glaze on ‘top’ of the grooves appears more transparent than between the grooves. 

The color also complements both fresh and dried flowers and branches, while the candle holders for individual candles or tealights reflect the glow of the candlelight in an understated way. The stylish Hammershoi grooves have various thicknesses and heights and, as always, are designed in various widths from design to design. This counterbalances the soft, organic silhouettes that characterize all the series’ designs. The Hammershoi series from Kähler was created by designer Hans-Christian Bauer, inspired by the Danish artist Svend Hammershoi’s original works, which Hammershoi himself created at Kähler’s workshop in the early 1900s. 

Every single design is based on careful consideration of the silhouette, functionality and choice of color. In interaction with the iconic grooves, they establish the series’ classic, yet modern style – a style that in only a few years has become extremely popular both in Denmark and abroad.