Introducing the new By Lassen Sofa VILHELM! A launch of Flemming Lassen's padded sofa from 1935, named after Flemming Lassen's father, the signwriter Hans Vilhelm Lassen.

Based on the original drawings, Vilhelm is a beautiful padded three-seater sofa that was initially created for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild exhibition in 1936.

Vilhelm's soft curves and taut expression are characteristic of Flemming Lassen's design expression. Lassen was a pure visionary modernist who created furniture designs that were ahead of their time.

Vilhelm was designed the same year as the iconic chair The Tired Man. Both hold records as the most expensive comfortable chair and sofa ever sold at an auction in Denmark.

There is considerable interest in the Danish architect and designer. Lassen’s furniture is extremely highly rated around the world.

Vilhelm easily embraces three people without taking up to much space in a room. Designed with rounded corners that frame the sofa perfectly, Vilhelm is well suited for standing in the middle of a room, away from the wall.

Standout details like the back and armrest being tufted with 24 small buttons, make the sofa even more charming.



"We are seeing a clear trend towards sofas with organic forms in a stylish design expression, and with the strong current interest in Flemming Lassen's furniture, there is no doubt that "Vilhelm" is going to sweep the world off its feet - just as The Tired Man did,' says Henrik Nielsen, CEO, by Lassen.

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