Holmegaard Flow CollectionMood design is one of the most striking trends in interior design. Mood design is not just about creating style, but also cultivating an overall atmosphere in the home. With the introduction of the Flow collection this spring, Holmegaard is riding this new wave with two mouth-blown glass candle holders that brim with mindfulness. The Flow series of candle holders fit tealight candles, pillar candles or flowers. Inspired by water which, like liquid glass, is constantly in motion, the designs have a sought-after tactility and a beautiful visual effect when the flame casts reflections on the table.

For almost 200 years, Holmegaard has been synonymous with glass in all its forms. Over time, trends and fashion have influenced the shape and colours of the designs, but, at its core, the liquid nature of glass never changes. When glass is heated over fire, the material comes alive – with the movements of the hot glass dancing in their very own rhythm, which is up to the glass blower’s breath to interpret and preserve. With the launch of Flow, Holmegaard pays tribute to the sensuality and timelessness of glass. The design is created by Marion Fortat, design brand manager at Holmegaard and a practiced glass designer – and it is crucial for her that the iconic glass producer moves with the modern spirit of the day. Today, mindfulness and being "in flow" have never been more important: "When we are in flow, we are 100% present in what we do. We focus on joy and forget the world around us just for a while – precisely the state I tried to reflect with Flow, where lit candles spread warmth and harmony through the home,” she says.

Glow with the flow

As the name suggests, Flow is designed around the idea of movement. Inspired by water, which Marion Fortat asserts has the same liquid properties as molten glass, the shape of the candle holders is reminiscent of the ripples in water. There is something meditative about seeing the soft folds in the glass grow larger and larger – an optical effect further enhanced when candles are lit within this mood-oriented design, creating a decorative aura around the glass.

In keeping with modern lighting design, Flow is available for both tealight candles and pillar or taper candles in clear and colored glass – beautiful to use in matching pairs or as an eclectic mix with smoke and plum tones delivering hits of contrasting color. In the larger size, Flow is also suitable as a vase – letting fresh flowers complete the feeling of a unique atmosphere and well-being in the home.

Flow Tealight Candleholder (Height: 3 inches) in mouth-blown clear, blue, smoke and plum glass is priced at $30. Flow Block Candleholder (Height 7.5 inches) in mouth-blown clear and blue glass is priced at $65. The Flow range also includes the Crown Taper Candleholder (Height 1.4 inches) in clear glass priced at $35. The new items will be available from the beginning of March, 2019. See the entire collection by clicking HERE.