Say hello to By Lassen new easy chair Ingeborg, an original design by Flemming Lassen from 1940. Ingeborg is a beautiful chair, and like The Tired Man, it offers a warm embrace. Ingeborg’s elegant sculptural armrests welcome the sitter with open arms. The sculpted armrests also make the chair exquisitely comfortable. The slightly laid-back posture gives the chair a perfectly balanced design expression and makes it the chair very comfortable.

The first Ingeborg chair was made in sheepskin but was later manufactured individually or in pairs. The chairs came in sheepskin or other contemporary textiles, such as brocade or velour, by master cabinetmaker Jakob Kjær. When designing houses or public buildings, it was normal for Flemming and Mogens Lassen to include the design of furniture to match the building. Ingeborg was exclusively produced for these kinds of projects and is thus a rare item at auctions. The price of a pair has gone as high as DKK 249,000. In September 2015, the Danish auction house Bruun Rasmussen sold a single chair for DKK 80,000 – a price that is not unusual for original Flemming Lassen designs from the 1930s and 1940s.

Over the last few years, by Lassen has been working to recreate the beautiful chair based on sketches found in Lassen’s archive at the Danish National ArtLibrary. The most characteristic feature of all Flemming Lassen’s furniture designs is the wide wingspan, exemplified in The Tired Man, the Lassen Chair, Vilhelm, and now Ingeborg.

Ingeborg is named after Flemming and Mogens Lassen’s mother, the painter Ingeborg Winding who also had a talent for art. Ingeborg is a perfect match for by Lassen’s new sofa, Vilhelm, which is named after the brothers’ father, the scene-painter Hans Vilhelm Lassen. A beautiful reunion of Vilhelm and Ingeborg.

Despite the chair’s petite stature, Ingeborg makes a strong statement in any room with its charm and exclusive expression. Beautiful from any angle Ingeborg will easily fit into a given space without taking up too much room.


Flemming Lassen 1940


Ingeborg is available in sheepskin, bouclé and by

Lassen’s selected quality textiles from Kvadrat.


W: 35.8" x D: 29.9" x H: 29.9"

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