As an architect, designer and professor, Bodil Kjaer has lived an impressive life that has taken her around the world, and she has lived, studied and worked on several continents. She has received coverage in the New York Times and has fans in the British Royal Family. Bodil Kjær’s designs have earned her significant international renown. She is particularly feted for her functional, aesthetic design where form and function add up to a greater whole.

These days, you usually have to visit an auction house to get your hands on Bodil Kjær’s distinctive designs, but now Holmegaard is recreating her sculptural glass vase, Crosses. The vase has been created in accordance with Bodil Kjær’s original 1961 drawings, with the desire to create a vase that is perfect for loose, wild flowers. 

Bodil Kjaer designed pieces for the following brand: Holmegaard

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