Rattle (1932)
Rattle (1932)
Rattle (1932)
Rattle (1932)
Kay Bojesen

Rattle (1932)


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Kay Bojesen designed Rattle, the first classic children's toy, in its original version in 1932. The rattle's dimensions make it easy for small hands to hold, while the ball in the middle of the rattle can move backwards and forwards, spinning around to delight the infant. The rattle is made of unpainted wood, because Kay Bojesen believed that this leaves more room for the imagination. An appealing gift idea for a christening, or as a parental leave present for anyone who appreciates authentic Danish design. The rattle is also a delightful design object for the bookshelf, and without a doubt will accompany the child on his or her journey into adulthood.

Series: Kay Bojesen
Color: Oak
Material: Beech
Diameter: 3.1"
Note: Wipe with a dry cloth