Zebra (1935)
Zebra (1935)
Zebra (1935)
Zebra (1935)
Kay Bojesen

Zebra (1935)


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Kay Bojesen in the Savannah. The family of wooden animals has been expanded to include the hand-painted zebra, one of Kay Bojesen’s first exotic animals. It was created in 1935 and is still much loved. The family of wooden animals consists of a cheerful menagerie ranging from wooden monkeys to songbirds. The whole group comprises cherished design classics that quickly become part of the family. Give a gift that will last a lifetime, to be passed down to generations to come. A great gift idea for a baptism or confirmation, for students or any special occasion.

Series: Kay Bojesen
Color: Black and white
Material: Painted beech
Height: 5.5"
Note: Wipe with a dry cloth