The HAN Gallery is in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Working with a small group of selected international designers, they specialise in delving into the rich cultural heritage of China, combining traditional and modern production methods – in order to create some absolutely unique works of art.

Taiwanese designer Pili Wu (1986) graduated from Shih-Chien University, specializing in industrial design. The cultural influence seen in his work is not the kind of Chinese cultural heritage we typically see in museums. Instead, it is a combination of all the artistic and sensual impressions he draws from his own life in Taiwan. Dutch fashion designer and innovator Gijs Bakker is chief creative officer at the HAN Gallery. He has also contributed one of his own designs to the Lyngby Porcelain 2015 collection. 

 HAN Gallery / Pili Wu has designed pieces for the following brands: Lyngby

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