An elegant range of glasses, whose distinct, slim line unites professional functionality and a harmonious visual expression. The Holmegaard Perfection range has been designed and developed with the right features for the correct, optimum treatment of wine. Perfection is recognizable from the characteristic slim line that is a feature of all the glasses, lending the range an elegant, streamlined expression – perfect for any table setting. Each glass is designed with a line that helps you pour the correct amount of wine up to the widest point of the glass, providing a large surface to bring out its flavors and aromas. This also guarantees a beautiful, perfect serving, at the same time preventing pouring too little or too much in the glass. The award-winning Perfection range, the preferred choice of many quality-conscious restaurants, is a visual delight on any table. The Holmegaard Perfection range is designed by Tom Nybroe.

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