Architect Mogens Lassen (1901-1987) is among the greatest and most influential of Danish architects, a pioneer of Danish Functionalism. Lassen is internationally renowned for his characteristic architecture. 

In 1927, Lassen travelled to Paris and was hired to work for an engineering company. With little grasp of the French language, he did not enjoy the work and became frustrated that his sketches were restricted by the practical nature of the job. 

Paris however changed Lassen’s view on architecture and when he returned to Denmark he established his own studio. Along with working in architecture Lassen also designed furniture and other objects, and his Kubus candlestick has become an icon of Danish design. Mogens Lassen brought international fame to Danish design and countless awards and medals, including the C.F. Hansen Medal, Denmark’s highest architectural honor.

The grandchildren and grand-grandchildren of Lassen established the design company By Lassen in 2008 to honor the work of Mogens Lassen and his brother Flemming Lassen.

Mogens Lassen has designed pieces for the following brands: By Lassen

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