“In order to give glass form, you have to know what the material can and wants to do. Glass has inherent properties that you cannot work against without affecting the result. You have to look at it as a partner with its own will and capabilities. Glass does its own thing. You cannot manipulate it – only help it along”.

Creative joy characterizes Torben Joergensen who works on the basis of the following mantra:

“To me, design needs to have a wide audience. As an artist, I feel there is great satisfaction in creating good utility items that people are able to use for their own enjoyment and that of others.”

Torben Joergensen has worked with Holmegaard for more than 25 years. He is responsible for some of the most popular tealight holders, namely the solid Lotus candle holders, which are available in three sizes. His designs also include the Danish Glasses range whose beer glass is a favorite among beer enthusiasts.

Torben Jorgensen has designed pieces for the following brand: Holmegaard

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