The design of the Shoemaker Chair dates back to 1936 in Odense, Denmark. In the 1970s, the design was affiliated and assimilated by the Werner family who come from a long generation of fine wood turners; a profession almost non-existent today.

The family has now through three generations renewed and fine tuned the shapes of the chair and reestablished the design and production to what it is today – a true archetypical classic.

They have tirelessly optimized the chair since the early stages, adjusting minor aspects year after year – both in the production flow and in the finished product. Among other things, the T legs were added for extra stability and the seat was re-shaped and rounded so that if the chair falls the rounded profile would protect the topline from breaking.

On the island of Funen, The Werner Family have been working from the woodturning joinery Gislev Drejerforretning, founded in 1913. Today the third Generation of the Werner Family is part of the joinery. So, the designer and the woodturner is still one and the same.

Werner has designed pieces for the following brands: Form & Refine

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