Salt Cellar w/Oak Spoon
White Salt Cellar w/Oak Spoon
Salt Cellar w/Oak Spoon
White Salt Cellar w/Oak Spoon

White Salt Cellar w/Oak Spoon


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Rosendahl’s round, white porcelain Salt cellar with a glossy glaze on the inside and a matt glaze on the outside. As an accessory to the Salt cellar, there is a little spoon made of untreated European oak to help you maintain the salt cellar as hygienically as possible. The combination of the white porcelain, the rounded styling and the oak spoon gives this salt cellar a simple, Nordic look. Put this decorative salt cellar in your kitchen so you will always have fresh sea salt to hand while preparing food, or place it on the dining table so your dinner guests can easily help themselves. You can also use the cellar for dried bay leaves or fresh herbs.

Series: Rosendahl
Color: White
Material: Porcelain, Untreated Oak
Dimensions: 4.3" x 3.2" inches
Diameter: 4.3"
Depth: 4.3"
Please note: The cellars are dishwasher safe to 131°F. Do not put the wooden base in the dishwasher