Salt & Pepper Cellar w/Holder

Salt & Pepper Cellar w/Holder


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Get all set for dinner with these superb Rosendahl Salt and pepper cellars. Both cellars are made of porcelain and have been glazed white and black respectively, with a glossy interior and a matt exterior. The two small cellars are accompanied by a holder made of untreated European oak. The simple design with the rounded shapes and the combination of porcelain and untreated wood gives the set a simple, Scandinavian look that fits in well with contemporary home interior trends. Place the set on the dining table and let your dinner guests help themselves to the aromatic seasonings. A great gift idea for all sorts of occasions.

Series: Rosendahl
Color: White and Black
Material: Porcelain, Untreated Oak
Dimensions: 3.0" x 2.1" inches
Diameter: 3.0"
Depth: 3.0"
Please note: The cellars are dishwasher safe to 131°F. Do not put the wooden base in the dishwasher