Spring Copenhagen Double Up Carafe & Vase (Blue)
Spring Copenhagen

Spring Copenhagen Double Up Carafe & Vase (Blue)


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The Double UP Carafe is a distinctive, elegant carafe with a contemporary, yet timeless design. It is mouth blown and is available both in playful colours and clear glass. The carafe has a capacity of 1.5 litres and is a companion to the Double UP Glass – a simple, stylish glass designed to serve as a lid for the carafe. The Double UP range is perfect for everyday use on a table or patio, or in a garden or restaurant, and is also easy to combine. The Double UP Carafe fits easily into the refrigerator door. Using a Double UP Glass as a lid, you can enjoy ice cold, refreshing water without the taste of other items in the refrigerator.

Material: Mouth-blown glass
Dimensions: W: 4.3" x H: 10.2" x D: 4.3"

The Double Up decanters are unique, hand-crafted glass designs. There may be minor variations from product to product. The carafe in clear glass can go in the washing machine.